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An Even Better Place 2 Work

The business case for Employee Engagement has been made but many organisations are struggling to create high levels of engagement.

Employee Engagement Video An Even Better Place to Work™ (BP2W) is a practical, friendly solution that quickly creates well-led, highly engaged and productive people.

It has been developed by psychologist and author, Shay McConnon, over a ten year period.

A Business Tool for getting the best
from your people

Improve leadership, develop teams and increase staff satisfaction -
all in one on-line self-managed solution

An Even Better Place to Work™ is an on-line, self-managed solution of measures, resources and activities that enables people to quickly improve the quality of their work lives. People have their own confidential web space to access resources, record their action goals and track progress across seven key indicators.

You will see people
...taking ownership for improving work satisfaction levels… running activities, inviting feedback and problem solving on needs …initiating conversations about real work and relationship issues The question constantly asked is “What am I going to do?” not “What is management going to do?”

A measure and a solution
The rich data collected through the seven indicators (which is always current) allows managers to gauge the ‘health’ and performance levels of the company and to make interventions which are targeted to real needs.

  • Fewer people problems
  • Happier more productive people
  • Greater levels of engagement
  • More ownership
  • Higher profitability

Engaged People Driving Performance

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Benefits of BP2W
  • Create a Vibrant, Productive Culture for the 21st Century
  • A powerful and Innovative Solution to People Problems
  • Attract and Retain Quality People

Can be used with a single team, a department or whole company

  • Delivers fast measurable results
  • 5% diagnostic, 95% solution
  • Quick, efficient and lasting
  • Designed for busy people
  • Micro to macro rather than top down
  • Driven by individuals not HR or management
  • Highly affordable

Calculate the costs
of your People Problems
Average Annual Salary ,000s/Year Cost
% of time lost in dysfunctional conflict
No. of Managers
days lost to each disciplinary
No. of Disciplinaries
days lost to each formal grievance
No. of Grievances
Average Annual Salary ,000s/Year Cost
days a year off focus, arguing, criticising etc.
No. of Employees

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*Costs based on 230 working days per year. Information source

If you feel this research based data does not fully apply to your organization, please adjust the parameters in the ORANGE cells to recalculate the result.

This is just the financial cost. The true cost will include wasted time, higher staff turnover, missed opportunities, absenteeism, inefficiency, low morale, stress, health problems and poor teamwork.